Kiki & G

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Hi, my name is Giovanni, “G” for short. I'm a 10 year old mutt mix of energy and love! Now.... not to brag, but I have an awesome life! My girls name is Kiki, and she loves to adventure, and of course brings her best dog along where ever she goes. That would be me by the way, and this year was the best one ever! Can I just say.......DOG PARKS!!! Yes, yes, yes, I swear on all things peanut butter, YES! Kiki took me across the United States on a search for America's best dog parks! I know... it sounds too good to be true, but it was actually really hard work! I had to go to all these new places, smelling all the new smells, and testing out all these new parks that were made special just for me and my dog friends to play. I wasn't about to let America down, or my girl, so I was very careful to see EVERYTHING, and meet EVERYONE I could because this new job of mine is important! At 10 years old, I'm no spring chicken treat, but I've been told I have the energy of a much younger pup, so don't you worry America, there is no dog better for this job! My girl Kiki also let me explore the different cities and towns we visited. I got to go on ghost tours, entertain at dog bars, swim in private doggy pools and more! I'm so excited I get to show you exactly what I saw, and you can help me choose which place truly gets the name of America's Best Dog Park! Be sure to watch me and my girl, and our adventures across America on our new YouTube show coming soon! 


Hi, I'm Kiki, at least that's what my friends call me. I'm the human half of this dynamic duo! I'm a passionate traveler, with a sense of adventure,  and I have an extreme love for animals. Three years ago I was in a life changing accident, and was run over by a car. I almost lost my life, and my left leg. I have spent over two years in recovery, eight months in a wheelchair, and was told I may never walk again. Yet, here I am, still not 100%, but grateful to be walking, and thankful for the support so many people showed me. After this experience, I made a decision to do something I've always wanted to do, and of course bring my best buddy, my dog G. So I left my life in Los Angeles to follow my dream, and started out on an American cross country adventure! While planning my trip I found myself looking for dog parks and places to play with G while we were traveling. This got me thinking, and with a background in film production, I put my creative skills to use! That's how the idea of “ Kiki & G, the search for America's best dog park” was born. So here we are, one woman, one dog, one big American road trip, and the search for the best dog park in America.